Hi, I’m Victoria Plasteig, a Netherlands-based graphic designer/researcher that likes to engage in speculative design approaches, fiction and that also delves into 3D modelling.

Last Stop, Babel Harbour
↪ diploma, 2021

The Death of the Mall
↪ thesis, graphic design, 2021

On the Edge of
↪ graphic design, 2021

↪ graphic design, 2023

You Will Not Be
↪ research, performance, 2019

Het Collectief Studio
↪ concept, research, 2019

↪ graphic design, UI/UX, 2017

↪ design, 2016


Asphodel is a fictional CBD brand for which I’ve done full visual branding and artistic direction.

The brand specialises in full spectrum CBD oil that is enriched with essential oils from Provence as a mean to revalue regional products and promote the wonders of southern grown ingredients.

The idea is to present a product that is full of sun and full of the benefits that our local flora can bring. The colours are a reminder of the regional flag of Provence, with big bold shapes that bring to the consumer a more modern vision of its patrimony.