Chalklate is a local business proposing tailor-made climbing grips that allow for smooth, challenging and fun bouldering, but also handyman work in diverse fields.

The identity is supposed to convey a dynamic and playful feeling that is a pun between climbing chalk and chocolate, given that the grips look like candies.

  1. Colorful

  2. Chalklate is a brand high in colours. Climbing grips are slightly reminiscent of candies with their jellybean shapes and bright colours that indicate the difficulty of a trail, which the identity aims to convey.

  3. Craftmanship

  4. Chalklate sell their own products, as such, it was important that the identity would be strong and contrasted, affirming the expertise of the craft.

  5. By a climber, for climbers.

  6. The company is the work of Sam, a passionate climber who is also a fantastic builder. The products are therefore well thought-through and built with the utmost care for both safety and enjoyment.

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