Hi, I’m Victoria Plasteig, a Netherlands-based graphic designer/researcher that likes to engage in speculative design approaches, fiction and that also delves into 3D modelling.

Sweet + Sour
↪ graphic design, case study, 2023

Last Stop, Babel Harbour
↪ diploma, 2021

The Death of the Mall
↪ thesis, graphic design, 2021

On the Edge of
↪ graphic design, 2021

You Will Not Be
↪ research, performance, 2019

Het Collectief Studio
↪ concept, research, 2019

↪ graphic design, UI/UX, 2017

↪ design, 2016

The Death of the Mall

« In a world dominated by capitalism, shopping malls reign supreme; or rather, they used to.

After multiple successive economic crisis came the realisation that these spaces are actively dying. With it comes the question ‘why having built them in the first place?’

In truth, they were born out of the wish of making them a meeting place again, somewhere where we would be able to meet, exchange and engage in conversation. The social ideology thought for the mall got perverted.

In a context where the need for meeting grounds become more and more urgent, could we give justice to the mall and bring it to a new glory? »