Highsky is a data-driven, AI-driven travel planner that tailors holidays that look like you. More thirsting for adventure or more all-inclusive? Highsky plans the perfect holiday for you.

The identity is centered around the element of the plane window: it is a dream element that invites the audience to travel just by looking at the clouds. Use your imagination and the app will do the rest.

“Relax, your holidays are loading...”

The plane window symbolizes the moment where both physically and mentally you’re entering the holidays. It is the sas where suddenly the airport troubles and the luggage and all other preoccupations are left behind. It is the entry point to dreaming. As such, it is used as the entry point of the app, a space where you can relax and imagine your perfect getaway.

  1. Travel more, sweat less

  2. Highsky is an easy to use, easily approachable travel planner. The app is meant for all age ranges, and the journeys proposed can fit the needs of a family as well as seniors.

  3. Journeys that look like you

  4. With its AI-powered search engine, the suggestions are top notch. Accumulating data from online reviews, it proposes a fully tailored experience that can further be customised by the user themselves.

  5. A playful identity

  6. The identity reflects how the user can play with the suggestions of holidays, with a muted but strong palette of colors, and satisfying animations and shapes.

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