Hôtel des Palmiers

Hôtel des Palmiers (“Palmtrees Hotel”) is an hotel in the south of France who wants to target a young and fresh audience that wants to experience the delights of the region without resorting to classic tourist traps.

It also proposes a colorful programation that celebrates local culture and identity.

The identity is fresh and modern while also sporting an old-fashionned logo that’s meant to bridge the gap between modernity and tradition.

It is declined on several items, including door hangers, cards, chaises longues...

  1. A vibrant welcome to the South

  2. The identity mixes modern simplicity of clean lines and a handdrawn artstyle for the illustrations that gives it a festive and vibrant attitude.

    The website is simple and straight to the point, and functions as a business card and a platform for reservations.

    The illustrations display dancing people, animals and natural elements, to produce the effect of a joyful ode to life. The geometric and simple shapes are a reference to Matisse collages.

  3. Youthful

  4. The identity helps attract a younger crowd with the playful fonts and shapes that play and answer to each other, making it dynamic.

  5. Mediterranean

  6. The idea is to promote the hyper-local character of the prestation. From lifestyle to colors, they need to represent the southern art de vivre.

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