Hi, I’m Victoria Plasteig, a Netherlands-based graphic designer/researcher that likes to engage in speculative design approaches, fiction and that also delves into 3D modelling.

Sweet + Sour
↪ graphic design, case study, 2023

Last Stop, Babel Harbour
↪ diploma, 2021

The Death of the Mall
↪ thesis, graphic design, 2021

On the Edge of
↪ graphic design, 2021

You Will Not Be
↪ research, performance, 2019

Het Collectief Studio
↪ concept, research, 2019

↪ graphic design, UI/UX, 2017

↪ design, 2016

Last Stop, Babel Harbour

Last Stop, Babel Harbour trailer. A film by Victoria Plasteig, music by Leopold Inkapööl. Available to watch fully on demand by email request.

In a near future, water levels have risen, temperatures are at an all-time high and biodiversity has crumbled.

Communities have started forming inside shopping malls, reclaiming the architecture that was directly involved in undoing the natural environment.

What would the daily lives of mall residents look like? Rather than the doom and retribution typically associated with environmental disaster narratives, this speculative 3D-animated film emphasises the importance of expansive imagination and storytelling for the end of the world. It is an invitation for us to consider how, through reappropriation, a mall itself could become the tool to face the crisis we are confronted with.

✨Last Stop, Babel Harbour was shown at the Dutch Design Week Eindhoven in October 2021, but also at the IAM Internet Weekend Festival in November 2021.