Hi, I’m Victoria Plasteig, a Netherlands-based graphic designer/researcher that likes to engage in speculative design approaches, fiction and that also delves into 3D modelling.

Sweet + Sour
↪ graphic design, case study, 2023

Last Stop, Babel Harbour
↪ diploma, 2021

The Death of the Mall
↪ thesis, graphic design, 2021

On the Edge of
↪ graphic design, 2021

You Will Not Be
↪ research, performance, 2019

Het Collectief Studio
↪ concept, research, 2019

↪ graphic design, UI/UX, 2017

↪ design, 2016

You Will Not Be

✨Installation and performance for the Dutch Pavillion at the 12th Trienniale di Milano exhibition, Broken Nature. 

As the pace of our time becomes further assimilated into the 24/7 rhythm of the digital economy, a dizzying array of apps and gadgets are designed to optimise our intimate self according to the demands of the market. From therapeutic tools for sleep, and attention- and anxiety-management, to personalised behavioural coaching; from the soothing aesthetics of ‘digital detox’ retreats, to tedious meditation reminders – design is continuously mobilised to influence our day-to-day existence.

You will not be explores the destructive, as well as the restorative and therapeutic, capacities of these technologies promoted as helpful regulators of physical and mental health. Taking the directives of the digital marketplace to their extreme, the project maps onto human bodies the repetitive commands, gestures, and anxieties locked within the promises of happiness and self-fulfilment.

This performative research shows how these narratives of self-optimisation and hyper-productivity shape design practice today, and questions the notions of happiness, awareness, choice, will, and freedom that its products convey.

You will not be was developed and performed by Alice Bardou, Charly Blödel, Bianca Carague, Roberta Di Cosmo, Coline Declef, Charlelie Flamant, Giulio Fuzzi, Jan-Micha Gamer, Anna Klara Oxholm Iversen, Liana Kuyumcuyan, Coltrane Mcdowell, Matilde Patuelli, Victoria Plasteig, Marta Rioz Piza,  Samein Shamsher and Alina Słup.