Hi, I’m Victoria Plasteig, a Netherlands-based graphic designer/researcher that likes to engage in speculative design approaches, fiction and that also delves into 3D modelling.

Sweet + Sour
↪ graphic design, case study, 2023

Last Stop, Babel Harbour
↪ diploma, 2021

The Death of the Mall
↪ thesis, graphic design, 2021

On the Edge of
↪ graphic design, 2021

You Will Not Be
↪ research, performance, 2019

Het Collectief Studio
↪ concept, research, 2019

↪ graphic design, UI/UX, 2017

↪ design, 2016


French TV commercial for Waterfall, shown on National Geographic Channel in January 2016.

Waterfall is a water harvesting zeppelin meant to bring water to populations suffering from thirst. It is a speculative project, meant to be realized in a near future when water would prove an even greater challenge than it is today. 

Mimicking the whale shark, it flies through the clouds to capture droplets of water, just like its real life counterpart captures plankton with its baleens. Once its mission complete, the zeppelin lands to redistribute water to the people in need. 

✨Waterfall is a project finalist of the National Geographic’s “Inventing the Future” contest. Made with Lucie Julien Faimali, Nicolas Keefe and Nathan Parou.